產品詳情Product Details

用途與簡介Purpose and introduction:


Automatic aluminum tube filling and sealing machine widely toothpaste, pharmaceutical and other industries, applicable to all kinds of aluminum tube, aluminum tube, soft tube filling sealing all kinds of cream, emulsion, oil etc. Equipment use twelve design, automatic tube, the color code, filling, sealing, pressure ridges, folded out of the tube. Optional tube box, sealed hopper, hopper heating, automatic feeding, shield device, etc. This equipment is in full compliance with the new GMP requirements.

特點/characteristic :


Can complete aluminum pipe and other metal of twenty percent, thirty percent, while the saddle type flanging, and other forms of different frilled edge


Have no tube no filling of the function


A fault alarm, mechanical overload automatic stop device


Quantitative control to realize automatic production

技術參數/technic parameter:

適用規格Cutting dimension


生產能力production capacity

30-40 /   30 -40 per minute

可封管徑Tube Diameters


電源power supply



1 kw

灌裝精度Filling accuracy


氣源gas sources 

18 m3/h 0.6-0.8Mpa

機器淨重machine net weight

500 kg

外形尺寸boundary dimension