產品詳情Product Details

用途與簡介/Brief Introduction:


Automatic plunger paste paste filling machine is my company to meet the market demand, introduction of foreign advanced technology to develop new products. This machine adopts SUS304 stainless steel plunger metering pump filling, cover and set for automatic, automatic screw cap, integration of the mechanical and electrical, economical and practical, cover an area of an area small, widely used in pharmaceutical, food, pesticides, chemical industry, cosmetics and other industries of liquid packaging, full compliance with GMP requirements.



Adopt plunger type metering pump filling, used various viscosity liquid, high precision; The structure of pump adopts fast disassembly institutions, easy cleaning and disinfection


Plunger metering pump piston ring material according to the industry and different adopt silicon rubber, liquid ingredients tetrafluoroethylene or other material, special occasions with ceramic material


PLC control system, frequency control of motor speed, a high degree of automation


Lack of bottle filling, automatic counting function


The load adjustment is convenient, can be a filling quantity of all pumps also can be slightly adjusted according to various metering pump; Simple operation, rapid adjustment


Filling needles a drip-proof device, filling into the bottom of the bottle filling, slowly rising and prevent bubbles.


The machine is suitable for various specifications of bottles, easy adjustment, it can be finished in a short period of time


The machine designed according to the requirements of GMP

技術參數/technic parameter:

適用瓶子規格Size of bottles

20-1000ml(根據要求定做)20-1000 - ml (according to your need

適用瓶子直徑Apply the bottle diameter


適用蓋子規格Apply the lid specifications





production capacity


Four filling head: 1000-2500 bottles per hour


Eight head filling: 2500-4000 bottles per hour


12 head filling: 4000-6000 bottles per hour

裝量誤差The load error


旋蓋合格率Screw cover percent of pass


電源power supply




氣源gas sources


速度控製speed control

變頻調速variable speed